The Basin Concert is a COVID safe event, operating under the guidelines for a level 3 event set out by Tasmania's Department of Health. Please help us out by knowing what to expect and complying with the requirements below.



Do we have to sit down?


Team, it’s time to kick back and relax! Sit with your mates (as many in a group as you like), bring a picnic if you wish, grab a drink and set up camp each day and enjoy the music! You’re still allowed to move around your zone, visit other groups, go get food/drinks/merch etc. but we just ask that you base yourself at your seats with your mates.
We have just been notified that we WILL be allowed to have a picnic blanket area. So, if you want to set up a picnic you can! But please note that these area’s are at the front of the ELEVATED back two zones (about 45m from the stage). If you are in other zones and have children, you will be allowed to bring a rug for them to sit on too.


Will dancing be allowed?

We can now confidently say that we will be having dancing in some capacity at this new venue.  Stay tuned about how exactly this will work.


I forgot my chair/there are literally no more chairs for sale in Launceston

Whilst it is important that you do your best to remember to bring a chair, we will have a supply of extra chairs available at the event.


Do we have to wear face masks?

No, currently wearing a face mask is not a requirement for events in Tasmania.  Please feel free to bring one along though for peace of mind.


Three strikes and you’re out

We will be implementing a 3 strikes and you’re out system for the event.  We understand that oopsies happen but if patrons are found to be consistently disobeying the Covid Safety rules you will be issued with an official warning.  You will then only have one more warning before being ejected from the event.


What about buying food and drink at the event? 


The Basin Concert is a cashless event – you will need to tap to pay at the bar, food vans or merch tent. 

To order food you will need to scan the QR code on your wristband or head to and choose your food vendor to order online. This means no lining up! 


Make sure you sanitise your hands after any of the key touch points: toilets, bars or food vans. 


What do I do if I see someone breaking the rules? 


We’ll have COVID Marshals in every zone – these people are responsible for making sure everyone does the right thing. You’ll see them in coloured vests – chat to them if you have any concerns.




How do the zones work?

(map coming soon)

There are 4 zones designated for sitting down and watching the show.  You must choose a zone when you arrive and will be given a wristband which allows you access to that zone.


Can I go to another zone?

Unfortunately not.  If you would like to sit with your friends you will need to pre-plan to make sure you are all in the same zone.


What if my friend is arriving later, will we be in the same zone?

Zones are first in best dressed.  If you want to guarantee to sit in the same zone you will need to arrive together.

If you arrive late and your preferred zone has already filled up you will need to choose another zone that still has more room.


I have a weekend pass, do I have to stay in the same zone for both days?

No, you will be asked to choose your zone again on day two.


Why do we have to do this?  Other places aren’t?

Because of the size of The Basin Concert, we are classed as a level 3 event.  This means we have a stricter set of rules than bars and smaller events.  We know it’s a pain, but fingers crossed that we can now see a light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel.  Hopefully next year we will be free to roam and boogie like the good ol’ days!


What happens if we go in to lock down again?

We all know that the last 12 months has been unpredictable because of the pandemic and the various measures to combat it. It all looks pretty good at the moment and we’re hopeful it stays that way BUT if we need to change something or even postpone the event because of those measures we’ll communicate with you all as quick as we can. Just as quick, we’ll be looking for a new date for the Basin Concert. Vibestown don’t quit that easily. Your ticket will be honoured for any future show and if you do need a refund, all you need to do is holla, we’ve got you.